About Us

CliC is  the brand name for “those really clever glasses that click together and hang ‘round the neck”. We like to refer to the innovation as “magnetic connection eyewear”.  There are two key features to these glasses: the continuous neck-strap and the magnetic connection at the bridge. This  enables the glasses to stay put when they’re on your nose then sit comfortably and stylishly around the neck while not in use.Whether your glasses are for protection from the elements or simply reading the trail map, CliC takes care of the issues we all have with losing, dropping, breaking, scratching and constantly replacing eyewear.


CliC was  brought to Australia in 2003 by Helen Najar. In that time she has developed an exclusive retail account base of approximately 500 stores, supplies 30% of Independent optometrists, exports to New Zealand, Fiji and the South Pacific regions.  This new site is the 5th re-build of Najar’s online presence FOR THE CliC brand and it is her aim to create a fully integrated online service and information hub for retailers, wholesalers and end users to be able to access everything there is to know about the product and it’s availability in Australia and overseas.


CliC is an American concept designed by Ron Lando of California. The concept, as the story goes, was originally created for NASA for astronauts requiring glasses that were ‘anti-gravity’. Coming from a long line of Optical Designers, Lando pulled on his decades of experience to conceptualise the coupling of the continuous temple and a magnetic connection strong enough to defy gravity. At this point, the CliC concept was born. 14 years on, the product has reached world-wide success in the domestic eyewear market now accepted as a unique innovation that continues to streamline active eyewear for the future. It is distributed in over 27 countries Internationally, carries manufacturers’ patents in 11 countries globally, and is CE certified.


Choosing CliC is a choice for functionality, convenience, and durability. Whether your glasses are for protection from the elements or simply reading the trail map, CliC remain secure while you get on with it, and sit comfortably and stylishly around the neck while not in use. The entire collection is manufactured with high quality and durable components designed to endure the speed and impact of life. CliC glasses are 21st century, distinctive by comfort, style and personality.


Apart from the long line up of International celebrities wearing clic, it is a product appreciated and used by everyday people in everyday situations. Many now choose to have their clic glasses scripted by an optometrist and there are now tens of thousands of baby boomers around Australia enjoying the convenience of having their glasses ‘just there’ all day long. Like builders and tradesmen, hospital and healthcare workers, heavy industry and office workers, sportspeople and outdoor enthusiasts…… to name a few.