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The CliC ORIGINAL READER is a high quality optical frame which is sold as ready-made reading glasses.It is a unisex style frame offered in many wonderful colours from ultra conservative to funky. The CliC Frame can be scripted by your optometrist at any time. We recommend you purchase your glasses with a lens so that the Optometrist can use it as a template. Note that the frame is a ‘warm-fit’ frame and requires very little heat for fitting.

Each band comes with adjustable sliding connectors on the arms however there are 4 sizes as follows

SHORT: is 1 cm shorter on each temple and ideal for petite ladies, a narrrow head and some kids

REGULAR: fits 70% of adult heads

LONG: is 1cm longer than the Regular frame at each temple. The temple pin also kinks outwards (dog legs) to widen the frame sightly.

XXL: Great for our ‘boof-headed’ gents. The XXLarge frame is the same frame as the Long but it also has an adjustable extender in the centre-back of the band. This helps to widen the band.

toffee apple (red)  | matt black | steel | ice | matt tort | emerald | royal | teal | violet | denim

+1.25 / +1.50 / +1.75 / +2.00 / +2.25 / +2.50 / +3.00 / +3.50

Soooo convenient for those really busy days, in the office or the car, on a building site or tramping the trail.

If you are a woman with ‘big’ hair and you tend to wear your hair out, sometimes it can interfere with the strap.




By: on 18 October 2017
Hey your website is classy but the best of all are your original glasses, which have have so many beautiful colours. I have six different pairs ! regards Eric

Totally practical

By: on 17 October 2017
As a farrier I bend and stand hundreds of times a day and my glasses are also removed and replaced numerous times a day. My Clic glasses are totally abused every day yet the same pair is more than 3 years old. Previous types of glasses lasted at the most 3 or 4 weeks.


By: on 17 October 2017
A practical solution if your one of those people, like myself, who regularly misplace their specs. Even for the young; I am in my 20s, so there is nothing to stop you!

Just lift and clic!

By: on 17 October 2017
I wear them all the time and hardly notice they are on, but are there when I need them. I tell all my friends about them when they have their glasses stored away in their pocket and I just lift and clic

Couldn't Be Without Them

By: on 17 October 2017
I have been wearing Clic glasses for approx 8 years and couldn't be without them. They are always in the same place, around my neck, I don't have to go looking for them. They free up my top pocket for my mobile phone. I have several pairs, including sunglasses.

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