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DESCRIPTION: The CliC ORIGINAL READER is an Acetate frame with a high-grade, single-vision Acrylic Lens. It is a unisex style frame offered in many wonderful colours from ultra conservative to funky. The CliC Frame can be scripted by your optometrist at any time. We recommend you purchase your glasses with a lens so that the Optometrist can use it as a template. Note that the frame is a ‘warm-fit’ frame and requires very little heat for fitting.

HEAD SIZES(see SIZE CHART Tab, above for detailed measurements)

Each band comes with adjustable sliding connectors on the arms however there are 4 sizes as follows:

REGULAR: fits around 70% of adult heads; Here it is in the closed and open positions


Adjustable Temple-Pin : ClosedAdjustable Temple-Pin: Open

LONG: is 1cm longer than the Regular frame at each temple. The temple pin also kinks outwards (dog legs) to widen the frame sightly. You can see a comparison of the 2 types of temple-pins here:

Regular vs Long Temple pin

XL: Great for our ‘boof-headed’ gents. The XL frame is the same frame as the Long but it also has an adjustable extender in the centre-back of the band. This helps to widen the band.

XXL Band Feature

(see SPECIFICATIONS Tab, above for detailed measurements)

toffee apple (red)  | matt black | steel | ice | tortoise shell | emerald | royal | teal | violet | denim

+1.25 / +1.50 / +1.75 / +2.00 / +2.25 / +2.50 / +3.00 / +3.50

Soooo convenient for those really busy days, in the office or the car, on a building site or tramping the trail.

If you are a woman with ‘big’ hair and you tend to wear your hair out, sometimes it can interfere with the strap.


Brand CliC
Shipping Weight 0.1000kg

New friends

By: on 5 March 2019
I have had my clic readers for about 6 years. A couple of originals and a tradie pair. People often stop me in the street and when I am out and ask about them. I always get a great response and I know some have then gone on to purchase their own.. They never fall off!

Amazing glasses!!

By: on 26 October 2018
I have purchased Clic glasses before & people are amazed when they see them around my neck- so as not to lose or search for them. Have given info of how to order online. Love the range of colours.

Fourth pair I've bought

15 October 2018
These are the fourth pair that i've bought to accommodate my sight as it changes with age. They say actions speak louder than words.

Absolutely Fantastic!

24 September 2018
Hi Helen, Thank you so much, it is very much appreciated. Mine get a fair bit of wear and tear as I teach primary (science) and therefore have around 340 students and especially the younger ones, they love clicking and unclicking them :-) We also promote Clics where-ever we can as they are absolutely fantastic. Julie Scull ScienceTeacher East Kenwick Primary School As a teacher, crafter and keen gardener I find Clics the only way to go. No more losing my glasses in the garden and finding them months later tucked into a hanging basket or perched on top of garden beds. No more putting them down in the classroom and then running around trying to find them before a student takes pity and points them out. No more hunting around when I'm sewing, knitting, crafting in general - they're right there! Not attached by some loopy thing that I get tied up in, neatly around my neck, no fuss, no irritation. LOVE my Clics

Quality That Works

By: on 6 September 2018
After trying a couple of cheap and nasty ‘copies’ of Clics, I finally wised up and purchased a pair of Clics Originals in Matte Black, in the largest size available to accommodate my large noggin. Cheaper versions of this great design idea simply disengaged every time I moved my head up and down, as one would when reading. This is not a problem with genuine Clics. The build quality, fit and finish is outstanding. They are light, substantial not flimsy. Better still are the multiple adjustments available that can make Clics fit so well that you forget you’re wearing them. The design allows you to angle the lenses down and outwards, slightly, when separated, that keep them clean of dust, ‘dandruff’ and food particle free. This is the main problem with glasses that have a neck strap or cord. The lenses hang directly below one’s mouth and this position is perfect for catching all kinds of detritus on one’s lenses. I gave up on neck cords years ago for this very reason. Clics sport a strong pair of magnets that gives you the confidence of knowing your glasses will not fall apart while in use. It’s a totally brilliant concept. My first pair were just a 1.5 magnification, which I find perfect for fine print on contracts, labelling and technical drawings etc. I have a couple of hobbies, and I mess around with high-tech cameras so my next pair of Clics will be a higher magnification. I’m even considering organising a pair of Clics the next time I need a new prescription for my normal eye glasses. Thanks, Clics I’ve seen the light! Cheers, Bill Halliwell

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